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09.12.2010: Technologische Anfragen und Angebote aus Polen

Lernen Sie neue Kooperationsangebote des Oppelner Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) kennen.

Bei Fragen zu diesen Angeboten oder für weitere Informationen zu den Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten deutsch-polnischer Kooperationsprojekte durch das EEN in Opole kontaktieren Sie:

Jolanta Wasiel
Enterprise Europe Network

dr Jakub Berezowski
Tel.: +48 500 169 167


1. Production of light and heavy steel structures and structural elements of a one-off or reproducible nature.
A Polish company has a potential illustrated by the highly qualified crew, relevant licences and machinery fleet enabling to produce steel structures in accordance with design documentation and by individual needs of customers. Production involves a wide variety of structures in terms of overall dimensions, weight, class of production and intended use of structures. The company is looking for industrial partner for changing used technology and technical consultancy.

2. New technology of manufacturing PVC and aluminium windows
The Polish company offers cooperation in scope of using new processes in manufacturing highly durable and reliable windows, with low-cost maintenance, based on modern PVC profiles. Use of PVC plastic in special profile, double gaskets and aluminium reinforcements extends window lifetime and reduces its maintenance costs. Partners from window manufacturing industry are sought in order to begin cooperation based on technology and technological knowledge transfer.

3. Utilization of scrap car tyres
Polish company specialises in tyre replacement and diagnostics. It is interested in technology transfer regarding utilisation of scrap car tyres in an economically sensible manner. It focuses on various technologies, except for retreading and incineration.

4. Multi-layer anti-corrosion internal and external insulations on steel pipes with diameters ranging from DN 20 to DN 1200 for transmission of flammable media, water and sewage.
The Polish company is proud of its highly recognised brand on the investment assets market, operating mainly in the petrochemical and gas industry. In order to meet needs and demands of our customers, we have created the widest commercial offer of goods and service that makes it easy to navigate through difficult areas of elements for construction of mains and distribution networks. The company is looking for partners operating in the steel pipe anti-corrosion, fittings and tanks sector in order to broaden the scope of applied technologies and use of existing know-how.

5. Radiators for electric machines
The Polish company offers radiators for electric machines - generators, transformers and motors. Radiators are manufactured in several series of types, depending on customer's needs. Company is looking for industrial partner interested in new way to use an existing production line and for assembly.

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